Connecticut Style for March 23, 2009
style. today we’re talking about a serious issue, drug and alcohol adirection. what do you do if you think someone you know has a problem. plus, they are every day people doing extraordinary things. we will met with the people who make sure heroes are being rewarded. speaking of heroes, desiree is empty kich went a couple of local heros. >> it is geting hot in here, if i do say so myself. i’m here with firefighters, talk about what you’re making us today. >> home made manicotti. whatever way you want to say it. >> what do you have, joe? >> home made creps. >> we love you already. we’ll check back in with these guys in just a bit, but right now sit back and relax, you are having lunch with style. >> depression, fear, anxiety, just a few of the reasons millions of americans turn to alcohol looking to find a way to escape. >> now with the economy in cris, we find that the number of american



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