Connecticut Style for 3-19-09
tell us what every young woman should know before heading off for spring break. >> here in our kitchen, coking with news channel 8 continues with storm team eight. you are here to blow things up in the kitchen. >> we’re talking salmon today, tomatoes, apple sauce, everything for the bachelor or bachelorette. >> anything that anybody can make. >> minimal clean up, too. >> we will check back in in just a bit. sonia is living out her dream over there. looking gorgeous. >> i am living out a fantasy over here. i am so not worthy of this crown and crash. i’m here with miss connecticut, monica pietrzak, you wil soon be representing our state in the mis u.s.a. pageant. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> are you ready for the big competition? >> i am more than excited. >> you were teaching me the official pageant wave. only this portion of the arm. >> only the top portion. >> is that why so



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