Connecticut Style for 3-18-09
we will talk about last night’s “dancing with the stars” elimination, and we are in the kitchen with new haven’s cooking couple. yes, elizabeth and michael. okay, tell us about what we can make today >> we are making cod tacos with a red cabbage squash. >> are you on board? are we feeling good about this? >> you have no idea. just wait. >> we are going to come back and check in with these two in a bit. in the meantime, let’s check in with sonia. >> we’re talking about marrying creative interior design and a practical live, devon fleming will tell us about olga adler inte interiors. and local author todd johnson. sit back and relax. you are having lunch with “style.” >>> all right everybody. listen up. decorate or redecorate your home, striking a bal. >> the author of the “pink book,” author and life-style expert devon fleming is here to talk about a business featured in her book. welcome



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