Connecticut Style for March 11, 2009
everyone and welcome to connecticut style… if you cant get your kids to eat anything that isn’t fried… you’ve come to the right place… i’m here with dara mirsky… also known as the “chick in the kitchen”… and dara, that’s what led you to start your website right? trying to get your kids to eat something healthy?and what are we making today?we’re gonna check back in with dara in a bit… also on today’s show… she has developed a huge following by delivering messages from loved ones who have passed…. psychic medium patti sinclair will be here as well.but right now, lets check in with desiree… sonia… if you want to get the body of a movie star without a hollywood budget… celebrity fitness trainer dave parise is here to show us how… dave thess are things we can do that are fairly easy on your wallet, right?okay… we’re check out all those moves…but right now, relax, y



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