Connecticut Style for March 6, 2009
to know to keep herself safe. this is just some of what you’ll find at the upcoming women’s health conference.now lets check in with sonia baghdady… she’s in the kitchen… that’s righ i am over here with billy dilegge of pasta cosi in branford…billy what are we making today?plus, it is nfl players weekend… the newest new england patriot joins us to talk about this worthy event… dont go anywhere…you are having lunch with style. focusing on the health and wellness of women… that’s the idea behind the 7th annual wellness of women, that’s the idea behind the 7th annual women’s health conference. >> it will adress medical advances, relaxation, and self-defense, and we are going to get a lesson in self-defense coming up. stay tuned for that. first here to tell us about this year’s conference liza petra from the women and family life center in guilford — >> the conference is comin



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