or cheese. >> how about slap your mama pound cake. >> you know that is one delicious cake. today we are lucky enough to havehe women behind it all right here in our kitchen. they will both teach us how it is all done. >> and today it is a westfield wednesy and rachael is back with deals on must-haves for the holidays. >> and what is the lighting in your home say about you? you may be surprised. >> this light says you are radiating. >> thank you. connecticut lighting center will tell us how to pick the right light for your rom. right now, sit back and relax. >> you’re having lunch with “style.” >> take a look around your living rom. are you hip and contemporary or is your style on the warm and cozy side? the lighting you have in your space is perhaps the most important thing to define your style. welcome back. changing the heighting fixtures does change the look and feel of the room. you



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