is re with the effects of not only the victim but the whole community. and we’re talking about the 12 days of shopping at westfield. it started this weekend. the ladies are back with ideas for the hard to shop for people on your lift. list. >> desiree is talking turkey today. >> i’m glad you’re thinking about what you’re going to get me. >> not from me. >> you brat. we have neil fuentes, the sensational singing chef. he is back. welcome back, my love. so good to see you >>>>: you’re looking gorgeous. >> and i didn’t even have to tell him to say that. >> we’re making urkey the latin way, my way, my mother’s way, and some other dish that go with that. >> and to give folks a little idea, tell us a couple ingredients you through in this one and this one. >> imagine you always have thanksgiving with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, did the same bibut with that twist. instead of swet potato



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