on “connecticut style”. we’ll learn about the barier toss weight loss with the man behind medical weight loss center. also today the elm city is decking the hals, pulling out all the stops, like always. we will have the must-sees-season. but right now, ivey is back in the kitchen with des. >> thank you. we’re talking about entertaining so whether you are hosting or not there are parties and sooner or later you will be asked to bring something. ivey is here with great recipes, or horderves. you don’t call them. >> we cal them stay out 6 my way bites. >> and these are fairly simple. >> incredibly easy. >> talk about the things you brought. >> stuffed squash, lady apples, zucchini mushrooms, endive and more. >> look into the camera ivey, and tel the folks at home what to do. >> sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with connecticut “style”. >> a common story, we all do the right things bu



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