they have a special event to tells about. if you’re thinking about holiday decorating, which you should be, we have you covered. vinny’s home and garden showplace has everything you need to know to make your home shine this season. right now, chris is in for desiree in the kitchen. >> and i’m here with mike from nellie green’s. welcome back. >> great to be back. >> what are we making today? >> steamed muscles in a white wine cream sauce. >> muscles is one of those things i always order in a restaurant but i’m afraid to try at home. difficult or easy? >> easy, i’l show you here. >> first, because you’ve done this as many times as i have, tell us what to do. >> sit back andrelax, lunch lunch. you’re having lunch with “style.” >> if you’re tired of the same old fake snow on the mantle or that 20-year-old tinsel nging on the tree, perhaps it is time for new decorating ideas. when it comes to



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