i’m in for sonia baghdady. if you’re like mt people, you don’t think about collisions or fender benders unless you are in the middle of it. today, north haven auto body is going to tell you what to do if you’re in that stressf situation and how to find a reputable shop to fix your car. and arabella’s is back with our holiday fashion needs and fill us in on the spent some, get some sale. and we have nica’s market. >> i’m in the kitcen, because nica’smarket is everybody’s farite gourmet shop. nice to have you here. >> what are you making today? >> today we will make — >> which is? >> which is veal shank. and we’re going to saute with vegetables, plus a nice broccoli. >> and people are starting to think about holiday orders, maybe et in the christmas party orders. this is the time to put the order? >> definitely. they come in quick. >> you snooze, you lose, the food is gone. >> and we have



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