noon…but stay tuned…because sonia and desiree are up next on “connecticut style”. >>> hi everybody and welcome to “ct style” thank you for joining us today. sonia has the day off but will be back tomorrow. we have a lot in store for you. we will be learning about a new side of and we weight loss clinic. >>> today we areaking something quite interesting. simple but interesting. >> yes, the key is picking nice potatoes. >> we have a really fun, sort of special tip and we have a do ahead too. >> i like the do ahead, planning is key, right? >> thanksgiving is a busy one. look into the camera laurie and tell the folks what to do. >> sit back and have lunch with style. >>> well, here on “ct style” we have talked to our friends at howard k. hil, funeral services planning the ceremony easier for family mbers. but now we are giving back. howard k. hill has a directing affect on the community.



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