show lined you up for you today. as the holidays are approaching and you’re stressing about how to afford to decorate your home, stress no more. goodwill stores are here to show you everything for your holiday entertaining needs. we will show you how boardwill has everything you ned — goodwill has everything you feed to fit your budget. and she is bak, erika, we’ve been following her through her transformativeourney and she is here from fuzion medical aesthetics boutique to talk about her latest smart lipo mpx treatment. but first we’re checking in with sonia. >> we have anthony’s oceans view fine catering. thank you for being here. what are you whiping up today? what are we making? >> we’re making bakedpasta wrapped in eggplant. >> and you’re gearing up for a north america of holiday events. >> we supply the great buffet so you don’t have to have a big christmas party now a days, you c



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