and matt is here with the school. and crystal haines, welcome to the onnecticut style” kitchen. >> it is glad to be on this side of the studio. >> i can’t belief we waited this long to have you here. you recently stared a fitnes regimen. >> it is a paleolithic diet, no dairy, beans, just a little bit of fruit. >> that limits you a little bit. >> it makes you have to be very creative in the way yu eat and more conscious what have you’re eating, as well. it seems limiting but in the end it is more free because youfeel better into that’s a good point. you will show us a recipe today. what are we makin >> it is caled paleo lasagna or casserole but doesn’t have all the components of a casserole like cheese or anything like that. >> and you’re not a big cook in the kitchen. >> i’m not, i can only cook like four thin before this, and one was a bowl of cereal. >> that paints the picture. desiree



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