january. but your help is neded to make that happen. >> it is really a chance for all of us to give back to the men and women who have given us so very much. also today, our tall, dark and handsome guys are back from adrianna’s. they are always coking up somethinger. >> we will find out what they have on the holiday menu. and the holidays of fast approaching. >> what are we going to wear is this. >> i’m taing this handbag. >> and i’ll take these bots. you know what time it is, it is a westfield wednesday. we will find out what is hot and what’s not this season so sit back and relax. >> you’re having lunch with “style.” >> it may surprise to you learn con con them to — conecticut is home to nearly 3,000 homeles veterans too. many who fought for our country are coming home with nowhere to about, and that’s why the home front was born. it will give veteran as second chance. they will not o



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