is going to all 50 states to find collaborators for a breathtaking work called the american mural project. parts are on display now in hartford and the woman behind it is in our studios right now. >>> and if you haven’t switched over the lighting in your homes, the guys from connecticut lighting center are here. >>> and it’s time to make the donuts. >> what is the first thing you think of? not chicken, right. we’re here with dan from dunkin’ donuts. you have the best job. you’re at dunkin’ donuts headquarters, coming up with new recipes. and that includes chicken now. >> we launched great quality chicken sandwiches and chickn wraps we serve in the afternoon. >> we will make a chicken dish today. >> yes. >> and you’re gearing up for fall with pumpkin must have ins mufins and la days. >> it is a time we love to be comforted with fod. >> we will make a really cool fall desert. >> that’s a p



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