being a cancer survive earn how her life has changed because of it. >> and snacks is a group of 4,000 school nutrition employees. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> tell us what your organization does. >> the connecticut affiliate of a national organization hat school nutrition professionals are a part of and they do training and food shows for taste testing, educational classes, we gettogether as a group to try and look at what we’re all doing. >> wht are we making today, tim? >> ginger garlic sesame fresh stir fly with noodles and offering it over rice. >> this is something that is served in schools, right? >> crrect. every school serves one version or another but it is very popular. >> we will get strted here. but first, you can already hear something going on. desiree fontaine with her rainbow bright socks and tap shoes. >> did you bring your shoes that’s the question. you didn’t



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