only one of the children’s boks along with this cute little guy i’m holding here you can pick up if you are heading to kohl’s for holiday shopping it will go long way to help a family. >> yale is teaming up with children’s hospital with the kohl’s cares for kids program. we will learn more about that day. we will also talk about why we as americans struggle so muh with getting and staying fit. the author of this book, “american idle: a journey through our sedentary culture”, is here. she has some interesting theories as to why as a nation we’re so out of shape. >> that’s right. and we’re going healthy in the kitchen today too. janet is cooking up country style ham and noodles but with cholesterol free whole grain noodles so it is not only good but good for us. and today, “good morning america’ robin roberts is answering question us set in, the first part of our three-part >> if yu have c



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