experience giving back to the community, ladies will be here to tell you how you can get involved. >> also today, how many do you know about breast implants? we have the latest advancements in breast augmentation and you may be surprised. d desiree is in the kitchen with the life of the party. >> am i ever. >> move it girl, move it girl >> yes! folks we could be dancing forever. let me did introduce to youthe fantastic neil fuentes. it is good to see you. >> we will talk today about avocados. >> and guacamole. have fun with it. >> everything, everything of a cad avocado. so many ways to serve it. >> we will show the guacamole and we will show acocktail. >> and we will talk about a very special event we’re both involved in, the 50th annual wine testing to benefit the reading center of milford. >> we met there last year, we damagessed. >> did we ever. >> dancing and coking, everything, you



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