and haloween means candy. >> and candy al to often means cavities, but we’re here to help. there is a dental cliic in waterbury that can make your child’s experience positive. >> and we have dynobite smiles with pre-halloween cavity prevention. speaking 6 good advice, you know who always has good advice, fod writer david – david leite, he has recipes that will be the hit of your party. >> and the ladies are back with everything you need for fashion this season. >> sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style.” >> all right, lets face it, there is no way to keep your kids from eating too much candy this weekend, but that doesn’t mean it has to affect their teeth. here with pre-halloween cavity prevention tips, we hve dynobite smiles. i want to start with you. at dynobite it is al about the kid’s smiles. making sure th feel comfortable. what prompted you to be more focused on kids?



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