are dresed like. >> this. >> and we will explain why, coming up. but first, on today’s show we will tell you about an event that will go a long way to helping connecticut’s children. it is the cfford beers clinic anniversary gala, a great night for a great cause. >> also today, nicas market is ba, always bringing us great foods. today it is a seafood recipe you won’t want to miss. >> and did you know roler derby is back. connecticut’s women not being left behind. the connecticut rollergirls calling themselves the daughters of the american revolution. >> we’ve got boom-boom baghdady in the house and i am feisty fontaine and we’re with the connecticut rollergirls girls. >> maybe we wil show them a thing or to. sit back and relax, you’re rolling with “style”. >> for years now, the clifford beers clinic has taken care of conecticut’s children, providing accessible mental health treatment and



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