everybody, and welcome to “connecticut style”. if you think making a delicious roasted lamb dinner for your family is difficult or maybet takes too long, you’re in luck. i’m here with ivey levy from ivey’s in my kitchen and she says even the most culinary challenge asked pull this off. >> i write, i lecture, i instruct, i teach people how to cook intheir own homes using their own equipment. >> you say a roast with vegetables, eve though it looks impressive, anyone can do this. >> anyone can duplicate the recipes i will show you today. we will make it available for everybody small teach us, coming up. but first, let’s check in with desiree. >> sonia, thank you so much. i’ve got a question for you. have you ever stood in front of the door and noticed a draft? if so, you may be in line for a energy audit. today we have slavia with santa engy. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you fo



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