you will show us som side dishes we will be able to serve our guests at holiday parties this year. >> absolutely. we will make simple, seasonal side dishes for the holidays, specifically thanksgiving. we have a pumpkin soup, roasted potato dish, cranberries and gravy. >> and all the ingredients are from gi&j. and this is one of the establishments you supply to, right? >> we pretty much, mostly top shelf restaurants in connecticut. >> and you have a new item you will be offering. >> hudson valey southwest cheeses. >> the chee is there. >> this is some cheese we will be introducing. >> and we wil make this stuff coming up in a little bit. but first, let’s head over to desiree. >> thanks a lot there, sonia. it has been a rough ride financially over the past year or so but things seem to be looking up. so what do youeed to know about investing right now in barnum financial is back wh adv



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