night outis coming back to wallingford. if you’re planning a party for your son or daughter and ned some entertainment, look no further. if12-year-old melissa is a magician and balon artist. thank you fo coming in. i’m sure people comment on your age all the time. >> a lot. >> how did you get started? >> i started as a magician and my school aske me to do some with them but it was outside so my birds would have flown away so we did balloons. >> so you got in the balloon art then. where do you form? >> stanford, rhode island, new york. >> you will each me something today. you stay is easy. >> pretty easy. >> show the flks what you made for me. >> a little lady bug. you know i ned luck. help me put it on. i ed luck when i’m making this dog today. show me what we’re going to make. >> all right. >> hold that. that’s mine. >> what you’re going to do is hold it like this. we always twist from



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