it is a westfield wednesd and rachael and amy are back to hep you pinpoint your personal style. and we will have more n our interview with julianne hough. right now, i’m in the with leon’s. you brought fall into the kitche >> considering it is october and fall is the season, we decided to showcase pumpkin. >> makg an appetizer and desert. >> a risoto and pumpkin ice cream. >> they sound involved. >> they’re not involved that all and i will show you the simplicity of that dish. >> and you have a pumpkin pure ray. >> that is a blanched pumpkin. >> we will get started on these recipes in a little bit and we will talk about a oktoberfest you have coming up. >> it is an oktoberfest similar to germany, although we do a twist on it, to be true to our heri i’m here with david and vanessa from the hit show forever tango. weill talk to the creator in a lile bit but right now, sit back and relax, w



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