CT Style 10-2-09
atmosphere. the guys from senor panchos are here coming up shrimp tequila. and it is dance classics, kate will teach us ballet moves today. but first, desiree is with a special guest. >> thank you so much, zone. i can’t listen, we’re first going to talk about a smash hit show coming tonight and tomorrow, called the clean-up woman and it is the work of telly award winner jd lawrence. i’m delighted to have you on the show. welcome. >> i’m so glad to be here. >> ruler has it you play seven characterrers, is thatright? >> seven characters, i sure do on the show. >> what do you do today? right now i’m the ceo of the network, mr. dickens is my name. >> all right. tell us about the clean-up woman. what was the inspiration behind the play. >> the clean-up woman is a journalist by the name of terry adams and she has to decide on her life between work and home so she hres a clean-up woman to clean



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