CT Style 10-1-09
living they healthy. we can tell you how to help you and your family strive to feel better. and a restaurant with great night life that serves just about everything. bear & grill is here with dishes off their menu. they’re making chicken fried steak for us. but first, let’s head to des. >> i’m here from zee from fabulous face and body art. who do we have here? >> emily kyle. >> what are we going for here? >> this is my harvest fairy design, i was recently published in a magazine and this is the first time i’ve painted it on anyone other than the model. >> what got you started in face painting. >> i started at a friend’s birthday par and went from there. >> and it grew from there. >> it is very fun. >> what is it like being featured in the kid’s connecticut directory as kid-friendly business. >> it is invaluable to me, totally priceless. >> you did a little work on me, spectacular if



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