CT Style 9-29-09
and they range from weights too heavy or too light or nutrition. >> the top one is bad form. it is not enough to do the exercise but you have to do it correctly. people are swinging and not putting tension on the muscles. >> it is a waste of time. >> and you can hurt yourself. >> what is the proper way? >> you have to slow it down, the stance will protect your back and basically a two-second, four-second rule. two seconds on the way up and four seconds on the way down and keep tension on that muscle the whole time, nice and slowly will prevent injury and double your results. >> keep the elbows close. >> keep the tension on that muscle the entire time. >> you will show me and des more common work out mistakes that people make. but first, let’s check in with desiree. >> i’m here with irene from g. i. & j. family produce. look at all this great stuf she brought us today. and chef dave j



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