Connecticut Style for 9-28-09
a loved one? that is the question posed in the medical ethics thrill aerotrains plant. the author is here to tell us what >> it is a masquerade ball for aids project new haven. >> and speaking of special events, how can you make sure yours is unique? we have flowers by daniel and she will have any loks for fall to share with us. >> sit back and relax, you’re the best way to tell how great you look… is in your jeans. drop a jean si in two weeks… with the special k challenge?. with more delicious options than ever. jeans don’t lie. go to… the new specialk.com to design your plan. >> if you’re planning a special occasion, remember, flowers are no longer just for the center table. >> and you can save a lot of money by using flowers that are in season and mixing in seasonal produce, that can make the look unique. here to show us is danielle with flower business danielle. welcome back. y



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