CT Style 9-22-09
latest approach. also, creating healthy eating habits for lifetime. chef tim cipriano is changing the way we think about school lunches and has a great recipe for chicken pesto to share. right now, let’s check in with desiree. >> do you know what to do if you were approached by a stranger in the dark or a parking lot? this lady does, they’re here with tips that everybody needs to know. welcome to the both of you, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> i want to start with you, maggie. you are a black belt, corect? >> correct. >> how long now? >> about three years now. >> we will talk to you about tips that are esential to ward off an atacker. show us a couple moves right now. >> sure. this is a cross grab and if an attacker was going to grab you, this would most likely be the way they would do it. he is much stronger than me so i can’t pull and get out of it like that,



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