CT Style for 9-17-09
them to the dinner table twice of pillsbury cinnamon rolls bring everyone to the table in their sunday best >> when it comes to turning back the clock from chemical peels to botox, all the options out there can be overwhelmingo fuzion medical aesthetic boutique developed with a way to follow one patient through a variety of treatments. please welcome back patient erica and we thank you for, hire. for those who may not remember, tell us now followerica.com came to be. >> when we opened fuzion medical last spring, people didn’t know what we ofered and erica and i started talking and she had questions. instead of answering questions just for her, we decided to tape it, blog it, facebk, and answer all the questions for everybody so they can see it is not a big scary thing. >> sort of became a guinea pig of sorts, i’m wondering how i can get involved in this. are these treatments you thought



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