Connecticut Style for 09-08-09
a community group that is helping victims through the violent crimes process. she’ll tel us how we can pitch in and help. >>> and the idea circle for women is a chance to recharge and invent yourself and well have all the details. first we check in with so sonia in the kitchen. >> did you know a proper diet filled with fruits and vegetables can keep your body working better and your brain working better and this is where these two come in. christie ann from the alzheimer’s association. >> it’s the maintain your brain program. >> it’s important? >> yes eating right and physical exercise. >> we are talking about the right foods to incorporate your diet. you are using the best, freshest ingredients. what are you making today. >> we are making a roasted garlic vinaigrette. >> look at the camera and tell us what it says. >> sit back and we’ll have lunch with style. >>> well, shortening the ti



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