Connecticut Style for 9-4-09
two of our favorite chefs. patti sinclair and lassie sullivan are here, paying tribute to julia childs. welcome back. love when you’re here. >> glad to be here. >> and the recipes we’re making are from julia childs. love to cook. what do you think people admired about her so much. >> her zest for life and her ability to teach america complicated recipes and say you go for it. >> what we making today? >> a giant cream puff chocolate with julia’s home made chocolate recipe. >> i already tasted the chocolate. >> it’s amazing. and a pastry. >> we wil taste them. but first let’s check in with eci. are but to dance? >> i’m not about to dance but they are. ginga brasileira is back. first, i want to know about this instrument you’ve got here. >> the name of this instrument is — an african instrument. >> how do you play it? very interesting. and you’ve got like a stone there. >> the stone hits t



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