Connecticut Style for 9-3-09
it is nice to be asked to do something, it is even nicer to be asked back because it means you didn’t break anything first time around. >> it is great to have you here. >> it is nice to be here. we will talk to a woman who helps veterans transition back into civilian life. >> and saray turkish restaurant is here with authentic recipes. we will get a taste of that, as well. and the art of danielle mailer, getting a lot of attention lately and she as brought in several pieces to share today. beautiful, bright, bold, cloverful. doubt honor, tell folks at — you do the honors, tell the folk the at home who to do. >> sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style.” >> it is no secret the needs of veterans returning from war many times fall by the wayside in our country, there it is dealing with the affects of serving overseas to the economy. many have trouble finding services they ned. o



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