Connecticut Style for 9-2-09
rest is especially important for children and now that school has started there are a few things to keep in mind. we have a pediatric sleep specialist from yale new haven hospital with important information every important and grand parent needs to know. and it is a westfield wednesday, we have awake make-up artest and rita has agreed to be our guinea pig today. the make-up changes with the change of season and the fall. what are reseeing this fall season. >> it is all about healthy-looking skin, smoky eyes with long, full and healthy lashes. luscious lips. >> i feel sexier already. you will show us how quick and easy it is already and let you get started. in the meantime, desiree is off today but newschannel 8’s chris has stepped in and he is in the kitchen and making one of my all-time favorites. >> i’m in the kitchen, which is some place i’m normally comfortable but today it is more d



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