Connecticut Style for 8-28-09
the work from students at the branford academy. we will see what they did and how they did it. also, as the pilot pen tournament comes to a close, bell take a look at the role tennis has played in the movies. scott feinberg is here to talk about that. and i am here with the the sensational singing chef, neil fuentes, we’re talking dominican republic and cooking with plantains. bu first, he is heating it up in the kitchen. take it away. [singing] [singing] okay, everybody down there in your home, i wil show you the proper way to move your waist. here we go. here we go. everybody here in the studio, are you ready to have fun? here we go, put your hands together. here we go. here we go. [singing] they’ve been discovered to be life-enhancing. proven to have nourishing powers. and now you can get important nutrients… found in these special fruits in your water. introducing fruit 2o essentia



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