Connecticut Style for 8-25-09
is right around the corner… if you are headed out to a labor day picnic and don’t know what to bring… you’ve come to the right place… lisa estabrook is ba… welcome back, lisa… you’ve brought some more great recipes from your cookbook, my daughter the bride… and one you’re at the rice place. lisa estrabrook is here. you have a new cookbook, “my daughter the bride”, a bok you compiled for your daughter who was getting maried. >> that was about a year ago and we’re still cooking. >> and one recipe is for a ham and cheese dip. which you say is easy. >> only four ingredients, can’t mess it up. >> and you’re making a versatile chili recipe. >> five ingredients and you can but right now, lets check in with desiree… sonia, have you ever tried to learn a musical instrument?so have i.. but i am here with a very special young man… sixteen year old vincent ingala… here, a special y



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