Connecticut Style for 8-18-09
we’re getting your kids rdy for class with back to school essentials. but first, i’m in the kitchen with tolli’s apizza, thank you for coming back. the great thing is you have lunch deals year round for under $6 every day. >> pretty much, for $5.59. 55 years in 2009 so that is where we came up with the 5 and $59 deal. >> name some dishes we’re looking at in pene pasta, 10-inch mini personal pizza, apartment son-style subs, and wraps and salad. >> you will be making that for us. we will be checking in with you in a couple minutes. but first, desiree is outside feeling the heat. >> hi, sonia. i think i’m not even ready for this one. i am here with the safari acrobats, visiting in from kenya. they will be sharing their culture and traditions. they will be gearing up for their latest performance at quassy amusement park. i’m a little bit worried here, sonia. they’ve got the fire already star



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