Connecticut Style for 8-17-09
to “connecticut style”. making sure everyone has access to safe and affordable health care, that’s the goal of the “health awareness advisory council. ” we will learn more about that and how you can get involved, coming up. also, it is tax-free week. what better time to get your ck to school wardrobe. the shops on broadway will make you the best-dressed kid on campus. they’ve brought in some things to show us. but right now, let’s check in with desire, whipping up lunchbox favorites. >> i’m here with our farerity pastry chef, john barricelli. last time you were here, he made thee delicious blueberry pies. what are you making today. >> for back to schol, it is chocolate pudding. >> how easy and fun and natural. and you’re showing us that. >> we will do it from scratch and probably the same amount of time it is to open that box and follow the instructions. >> quick, concise, just what we l



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