Connecticut Style for 8-4-09
he made himself the escape artist. he will be doing that at the lake quassy amusement park. >> you would be heading there with the whole family. introduce us to rest of the clan. >> indiana miles, our bul whip guy and the lasso guy and can walk on broken glass and eat fire. >> you show me how to take this bull whip and laso up sonia, later. >> oh. [laughr] >> this is juggling jim, my 19-year-old, the jug he he juggler, the unicyclist, stilt walker, and my oldest child and he inherits all this some day. >> the man with the money, i hear you. >> this is the princess corner, she is our mind reader and may read your mind later this right here is, picking her nose on tv — 6 [laughter] >> she will do it on stage to. i don’t want another feel bad. principal sense olivia — principal sense – princess olivia makes rats and doves appear. this is princess cynthia, she is my oldest daughter, the on



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