Connecticut Style for 7-31-09
for shoreline families. we will talk to folks behind the state of the art soundview ymca, plus up close and personal with the one and only jeffrey osborne. and what began as simple pieces of lingerie have become beautiful works of art. we will tell you all about this, all going to a good cause, it is going to benefit wonderful folks. but first, we’re checking in with sonia in the kitchen. >> this is a timeless story, camelot at the opera house and why not enjoy diner for four before the show. i’m here wth moses matt faucher, thank you for, here. you play who in the show? >> squire dapp. >> how are the shws going so far? >> great, the audience seems to really enjoy them and we’re having a last. >> you partnered up to ofer dinner at a good price. >> yes. >> what are we making? >> rows mary chicken. >> great, tell folks what to do. >> sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style.” >>



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