Connecticut Style for 7-29-09
style”. it’s an art that has been traced back to the women of ancient egypt, it is used today to decorate the bodies of brides in end i can’t and india and it is gaining popularity as a way to mark your body without a that too. he we’ll talk to heather caunt-nulton of henna by heather and she wil show us more and we will have fun with that. sonia is in the kitchen. >> i am in heaven here, with sarah majid, a jewelry designer turned baker and author and the designs show in her cake-baking. this is called “organic and chic”, what inspired you? >> my mom is too so i eat a lot of organic food and everyone deserves to hae a delicious cake that is beautiful and i love jewelry and decorating so i combine them together. >> you will teach me some cake decorating skills. these are what you consider high-class twin twingeys. this is all edible? >> yes, dark chocolate cake filled with a but ther cre



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