Connecticut Style for 7-28-09
the sons and daughters of italy. welcome, ladies, to the show. >> tha you. >> we are excited to have you 678 we were talking and this is a well and we’re preparing folks to make a mean pasta, yes? >> rght. >> it is kind of a lost art. >> it is. >> why is that? >> it is a lot of work. ople don’t have the time any more today. they work and people want to go out and buy a box of pasta and throw it in the pan 678, but this tastes a lot different. >> we’re talking about pasta and pesto. this is one of the things you’re making at the up-coming italian festival in north haven. >> when i was in italy at christmas i purchased pinoli pine cone and the nuts grow from the inside and they grow inside the pinoli and as they pop out, this is what the nuts look like. they are a white nut that you use to make pinoli cokies and they’re coated with this, it looks like dirt like an eighth of an inch layer o



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