Connecticut Style for 7-27-09
pitch in to get conecticut’s children to go back to school there is a great program set up by citizen’s bank just for that reason. find out more about that coming up. >> also today, we’re sculpting our bodies. >> b-fit studios, we wil be working out on a ballet bar. >> i’m looking forward to that. but first, we’re here in the kitchen with lou and prisco from abate’s pizza. you’re putting us to the test. >> we’ve got some competion. come on,we’re on the winning team now. >> a pizza chalenge. pizza-making competion. there is a hole in the dough. >> i don’t have any holes in my dough. a vegetarian — stop it. a vegetarian pizza. sonia, you better share. she is doing pepperoni, mozzerella cheese and we’re going for the look and the feel. remember, everybody, i make my food with love. >> are we timed on this? if so, she is winning. i need help here. >> we’re going to win. >> or >> home how am



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