Connecticut Style for 7-23-09
hit by a disease that attacks your body…leaving you virtually unable to function for days at a time…we will meet one young lady who is not letting her illness slow her down… also being outside doesn’t mean your fashion sense goes out the window… there are a couple of shops in the elm city that can help with that..but first… sonia is hanging out in the kitchen…. desiree… look who’s back… it’s the cooking couple… elizabeth and michael… welcome back guys… you are taking some welcome back. can we call you newlyweds still? how long you been married. >> you can call us whatever you want. >> maybe i shouldn’t go tere. what are you making today? >> piza margarita. >> we found new your blog called take back your kitchen. how is the blog going? anything new with that? >> it is going well, we did a blog about cutting your own steaks and cooking out. >> butchering at home. >> y



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