Connecticut Style for 7-20-09
thou shalt have great sex. you heard me. that is the title of a new book by atheology and, we have tips to spark up your marriage. also today, the effectiveness of mammograms. if you think a clear mammogram thinks you’re perfectly healthy, you may be surprisd. what one guest has to share with us today. let’s check in with desiree. >> first of al, welcome back sonia baghdady, god to have you back, my partner in crime. we’re doing a really awesome thing, combining a great meal for a great cause. talk about this cause we’re here for today. >> it is our second annual steak and lobster bake, and we’re having it at the son to be pavilion, the river walk in shelton august 1. >> it is all to raise money for this wonderful pavilion you were talking about. >> yes, we’re really excited. last year was a great hit so we’re looking at having another successful event. >> it sounds really delightful. te



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