Connecticut Style for 7-17-09
“connecticut style”. i’m jody latina in for sonia baghdady. it is the story of a business man whose life was turned upside down in his quest for peace, the author of hard justice trilogy, martin petry is here in our book corner. and ellen barett is back to sneak in some skinny. they she brought a piece of fitness equipment that is help for anybody and you can even fit it in your purse. and he is back again, welcome “connecticut style”‘s the sensational singing chef. [singing] >> it is time to sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style.” >> turning an acident into success, that is what one author has done with his life. after suffering a back injury in town, martin petry, a former expert tre climber, found a new passion, writing. what started with one book turned into two and then three and now he completed the hard justice trilogy. here to tell us the story about hard justice tr



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