Connecticut Style for 7-16-09
like this? i mean, look at this! you are going to be wowed, you are going to be surprised. four people went into godwill with just $50 each that’s all, just 50 bucs. you will not believe all of the great stuff they got. also, it is hot and humid out there. connecticut lighting centers is cooling you of with style. they will tell us how. for now, we’re checking in with jody. >> i’m here with the back porch from old saybrook. you have an awesome spot on the water there. tell me a little bit about the back porch. >> it is a spectacular, i think the most romantic view on the water front. it has fire pits and we do lve dancing around the fire pits, we’re flip-flop friendly, family friendly, and really, everyone is our guest from mom, dad and kids to young couples, it is so fun. >> you’re going to make a dish today. >> tuna. >> we can’t wait. sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style



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