Connecticut Style for 7-15-09
local musician who is performing at leons restaurant in new haven… we are gonna hear a little more from joey coming up… we’ll also talk about women in politics… and a group at yale university that’s changing the face of government… but right now… jodi’s making a mess in the kitchen… desiree, you know whthis is… this is blaze… the mascot of the connecticut sun… our own w-n-b-a team… i’m here with ray and gwen… they work with the team… and gwen you’re gonna teach us to make the official cookie of the team?the ladies eat these a lot?women’s basketball has really exploded in popularity…we’re gonna try to make these cookies coming in popularity and blaze, he feeds everybody. >> look at blaze. >> i know, doing god. sit back and relax, you’re having lunch with “style.” >> it’s hard not to look on with pride as we see what apears to be more women taking their place in t



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