Connecticut Style for 7-13-09
– scott3407 – velardi person, a dead body and a tattoo artist… they are all elements in the new book by connecticut author karen olson… she’s here to fill us in on “the missing ink”…the connecticut author karen olson. she is here to fill us in on “the missing ink”, the first simple elegance or the “wow” factor of your outfit… pearls are a must-have in any woman’s jewelry box… and the ladies from hebert jewelers are here to tell us everything we need to know about pearls… how to wear them, how to see if they are real… you’ll want to hang around for that… but right now… lets check in with they’re real. and des is a cooking quen today. >> i’m here with a couple of tall, dark and handsome italians. i always get at a loss of words when i stand notion these guys. i have francesco and valentino from adriana’s. these are the strong and silent types, just what we like, right, la



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