Connecticut Style for 7-2-09
here in the kitchens with the recipe that will be great for picnics and easy on the calllies. i’ve got chef lucky here. what are we making today? >> turkey burgers and vegetarian baked beans. we’ll safe the burger for sonia. this is somebody that anything can enjoy, regardless of what health concerns you might have. >> this a perfect recipe for the 4th of july barbecue, low fat, and i can’t wait to tell you about the new community health initiative. >> and this is a wonderful summertime cuisine, right chef lucky. >> yes. >> this is really popular? >> everywhere you want to go. >> we like that. now we will send it to sonia. >> we have a traditional brazilian art that combines marshal arts and here to show us how it is done is lisa dematteis-lepore. how long have you been performing? >> performing together here in connecticut for about 16 years, but i’ve been doing it for 31 years. >> give



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